In short, should i opt for cusat over other colleges just because I have a chance of getting a degree from a 'institute of national importance'?
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last update of IIEST CUSAT : http://www.cusatxpress.com/2013/09/cusat-iiest-bill-likely-in-winter-session-of-parliament/

Posted Date : 17 September, 2013

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no ... there are other reasons as well .... most of you would be thinking of taking a public sector job .... but u will be getting it only if you pass from an AICTE approved institution .... CUSAT degrees are AICTE approved ...


both degrees are similar .... IIEST would see a nationalisation though .... bringing in students after even tougher competition .... however IIEST proposal has failed .... saw in some newpaper clipping ... so CUSAT might be CUSAT even after u pass out .... and if it does change .. you will get a IIEST deree
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it would be really great dear .... but guess what ... it has failed on a previous occasion as well... thats because Kerala seats would be gone ... thus the state would lose control of a good institution .... this is a fresh try .... but nothing can be said until the change is made a reality
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whether it is a cusat degree or a iiest degree both of them are are equally important and valuable

the upgradation wont chances the standards,working academics and education of cusat overnight .

its one of the best university and that should be the sole reason for you to take admission here
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